Advertising & Branding

Even the most forward-thinking brands take a classical approach to branding and advertising.

As the best brand marketers know, creative razzle-dazzle in a vacuum is, well, just that. Sorry, but even in this day of digital shortcuts to everything, there are no substitutes for a good, solid assessment of marketplace dynamics and insights into consumer needs and decision making.

Berlin’s marketing team has been trained in classical and proven techniques, working with some of the most successful brands to identify key issues in building strategic communication plans.

Whether you need a short-term campaign that seizes seasonal opportunities, or a major brand overhaul for long-term survival, only the right methodology will keep you from falling into the trap of "solving" the wrong problem.

So, yes, Berlin does bring the razzle-dazzle by applying its technical and creative innovation to your advertising and branding — but you can be sure our homework is done before the razzle dazzle begins.

Case Studies

  1. Microtel

    With its need to differentiate itself from other hotels in the economy segment, Microtel turned to Berlin to create its new branding ...

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  2. Sani-Hands for Kids

    Already well known for its sanitizing wipes, Nice-Pak was looking to clean up in the children’s hand-wipe market, so Berlin developed a 30-second television spot.

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  3. Westchester Library System

    When Westchester Library System had a big identity problem, they checked out Berlin.

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  4. Scarsdale Medical Group

    For this prominent medical practice that needed branding to distinguish itself from other medical groups, Berlin’s marketing strategists are just what the doctor ordered.

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