Advertising & Branding

Sani-Hands for Kids

Already well known for its sanitizing wipes, Nice-Pak was looking to clean up in the children’s hand-wipe market, so Berlin developed a 30-second television spot. Animated in a children’s cartoon style, “Space Lunch” follows two children, Cora and Cory, into space to fight monster germs, then brings them back to Earth, where they discuss the value of using Sani-Hands Wipes before eating.

Berlin re-developed rough versions of the characters to make them suitable for animation, storyboarded the entire sequence, and handled all technical development and execution, right through to mastering on DVD and videotape.

In addition to this Telly Award-winning commercial, Berlin helped bring Sani-Hands into the classroom with “The Germ-O-Tron,” a video in which Cora and Cory educate school children about the value of hygiene.