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Nine Reasons to Love the Cloud

Lately, many people are moving their computing to the cloud. In its simplest terms, cloud computing lets you store your “stuff” — photos, music, movies, email — online instead of on your hard drive. There are significant advantages to using the cloud, and here are Berlin’s top nine:

Top Tips for YouTube Marketing

It's hard to think of a day in recent memory where one doesn't come across a link to a YouTube video, whether it’s linked to a web page or sent to you from a friend or co-worker.

Are You Ready for YOUR Closeup?

Being on camera for broadcast or online video isn’t just about being comfortable with your subject matter, so that you come across as an expert.

What’s an App, and What Should It Do?

In an ever-increasing mobile world, one can’t dispute the importance of mobile apps in an integrated marketing campaign, as part of your brand outreach, or as part your product offering. While the idea of an app began as "native software on a smartphone," it has quickly turned to "a packaged, targeted experience that you own."

New Business Tools: It’s How Facebook Roles

As we all know, Facebook is continuously making changes to better the end-user experience. The most recent round of Facebook additions, however, are all about business.