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Top Tips for YouTube Marketing

It's hard to think of a day in recent memory where one doesn't come across a link to a YouTube video, whether it’s linked to a web page or sent to you from a friend or co-worker. In fact, YouTube has more regular viewers than all of the major television networks combined. With that sort of traffic, getting your business onto YouTube can be a huge asset — provided you do it right. Here are some tips from Berlin:

1) Create a channel

Create a YouTube channel solely for your business; don’t use your personal account, if you have one. Enhance the page with the company logo, branding and other customization as much as possible. You want to set the perfect stage for all your videos to live on. Think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your company web site.

2) Brief is Better

Try to keep your videos under five minutes. We all know attention spans these days are short, and you don't want your viewers missing any of your message. Keep brief and to the point. It’s much better to have 10 one-minute videos on your page than one 10-minute video.

3) Optimize your Video

Like your company web site, your video should be optimized with relevant keywords that your viewers would use when searching for you. Plug these words into the description of your video, as well as in the title, and tag and categorize your video using the same keywords. You can also add a transcript of your video to help with search engine optimization (SEO). While Google can’t crawl your actual video for keywords, a transcript can be synced with your video and will make it much easier for it to be indexed.