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It's a gas, gas, gas. Or an alarm. Or a clap. Or ...

Ever wish you had the perfect sound effect for any situation? All you need is URNoiseMaker! Download the app and you will be able to:
- liven up that company meeting,
- break the ice in a social situation,
- or entertain the kids.

URNoiseMaker comes with over 46 high-quality sound effects that can be accessed immediately at the push of a button. The app is modeled after the same on-air sound effects technology used by DJs worldwide — except URNoiseMarker fits in your pocket!

URNoiseMaker is fun, free and fantastic, and now, it features fysics — oops, we mean physics! For a nice surprise, just click the P button after you download the app.

As if it wasn't enough that you could use URNoiseMaker in meetings, social situations or to entertain the kids, now you can use URNoiseMaker at the dinner table or in a movie theatre with new "bodily sounds." It's especially effective if you're looking for dramatic reactions in libraries or elevators.

With URNoiseMaker 1.1.2, your iPhone can captivate, entertain or gross people out in 13 different styles.