Sales & Training Tools

Educating your workforce? Your prospects?
Berlin helps ensure they’ll take note.

Did you know that the average attention span has plummeted to eight seconds — and the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds? That’s right: People are less attentive than goldfish. So, keeping an audience engaged while they learn, and getting them to a desired action later, is no easy task.

But Berlin knows how to do it.

Berlin starts with the same approach it takes to marketing and promotions: zeroing in on the target and figuring out how to tell your story effectively. For example, if you’re launching a product, we’ll visually convey how it works, and why your audience needs it.

And if you need to deliver information to employees, whether they’re online or in a classroom, Berlin can capture what they need to know, and present it in the most memorable way.

Case Studies

  1. EmblemHealth

    After giving its self-service web sites a shot in the arm, this major health insurer needed to enlighten several audiences: members, administrators, practitioners and employers.

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  2. Signal Patterns’ Music Radar

    It was an intriguing idea for an iPhone app: Show music lovers what people nearby are currently playing in iTunes on their phones ...

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  3. The Blue Book ProView

    The Blue Book Building & Construction Network developed ProView, a robust, customizable online showcase ...

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  4. Turner Sales Group

    Turner Broadcasting tuned in to Berlin for support with some short-deadline, high-profile sales presentations that would recap successful promotion activity.

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  5. New York City DEP

    A 160,000 square foot state-of-the-art water treatment facility has more moving parts than anyone could possibly count.

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  6. Springer Science+Business Media

    Springer Science+Business Media had a textbook case of needing greater interaction with students.

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