Social Media

It's not just social. It’s business.

If, as some people might believe, social media were purely about remarking on celebrity fashion or sharing cat photos and cheezburger memes, this page probably wouldn’t exist on our web site. But this page exists because social media is about business. Berlin harnesses social media’s power to attract prospects, influence their decisions, turn them into dedicated customers, and get them to act as longtime champions for your brand.

As the saying goes, “Fish where the fish are.” Facebook, for example, has more than a billion monthly active users, with the average user spending 20 minutes on the site per visit. It’s a hugely captive audience. Berlin wants you to speak to them. C'mon. We'll help you do it.

Whether you’re just starting to explore what social media can do for your business, or you’re already entrenched in the universe of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, Berlin examines your business objectives closely, and develops the appropriate social media strategy. Then we unleash our programmers to help deploy it.

Berlin also understands that you have a business to mind and a job to do each day. Social media can be a full-time job, and that’s why companies rely on Berlin’s expert social media team and strategists to maintain their voice online and keep the communication flowing. And if you want to maintain your own social media, let Berlin train your staff members in best practices.

Case Studies

  1. Super 8 GR8 Escape

    Super 8 recognized the power of social media earlier than many other brands, maintaining open dialogue with current and potential hotel guests.

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  2. Kozy Shack Pudding Personals

    Kozy Shack wanted to see its equally rich and delicious chocolate pudding varieties achieve some notoriety ...

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  3. SmashTAB

    Now you can bring promotions to life — and participation to all-time highs — on Facebook. Make a custom-designed tab work for any purpose.

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  4. Kozy Shack and Social Media

    Kozy Shack decided it was time to take its relationship with pudding fans to the next level: social media.

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  5. Every Day’s a Holiday

    We helped Baymont spread the holiday spirit by giving away secret prizes every day for 30 days.

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