Social Media

Kozy Shack and Social Media

With huge notoriety across the United States and Canada for its signature rice pudding and other dessert and snack products, Kozy Shack decided it was time to take its relationship with pudding fans to the next level: social media.

Part of Berlin’s protocol for social media consulting, a voice, tone, look and content strategy were established for Kozy Shack’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Berlin developed a number of Kozy Shack apps for Facebook, the first of which was PuddingGrams, which allowed Facebook users to “send pudding,” along with a message, to friends.

Berlin also developed Kozy Shack’s first viral program, “Graduate to Kozy Shack Pudding,” which educated consumers of shelf-stable puddings to move up to Kozy Shack, a better pudding because of its natural ingredients.

For several months after the social media launch, Berlin continued to assist Kozy Shack with social media, providing strategies for addressing customer comments and questions on Facebook and Twitter.