Social Media


By now, most businesses understand the need to have some sort of presence on Facebook, where millions of consumers collectively spend millions of hours.

But suppose you want to make your business connect meaningfully with those consumers.

With SmashTAB by Berlin, your business will. Now you can bring promotions to life — and participation to all-time highs — on Facebook. Make a custom-designed tab work for any purpose, from something as simple an opt-in for your email marketing, to an online purchase, games, or providing entry into a sweepstakes or instant-win game. And if you need to collect data, it belongs to you, not to Facebook!

Anything you can do on the web, you can do on Facebook with SmashTAB, and that includes analyzing the traffic and activity on your tabs. With the power of Facebook Insights and SmashTAB’s analytics, you can carefully measure what’s happening with your messaging!

Contact Berlin to learn more about what SmashTAB can do for your business on Facebook!