Social Media

Super 8 GR8 Escape

Super 8 recognized the power of social media earlier than many other brands, maintaining open dialogue with current and potential hotel guests. As its Facebook promotions continued to generate likes, engagements and opt-ins, the next step would be to convert participants to Wyndham Rewards membership. The primary obstacle, however, was the interruptive nature of this enrollment process.

Enter Berlin Productions' team of programmers who were able to “crack the code.” Interfacing with the Wyndham Rewards server, new member enrollment was seamlessly integrated into the promotion entry process, delivering a new membership number as part of that process!

This methodology was first put to the test in the GR8 Escape program of August 2011. Coupled with prizes that included a new Ford Escape (perfect for celebrating the eighth month of the year), the results were extraordinary, and the entry and enrollment execution, flawless. The promotion returned in 2012 with even more impressive results. Programmers and marketers working together under one roof? What a concept!