Web Development

CDPHP Annual Report

Let’s be real: People might curl up with a good book, but they’re not likely to curl up with a good annual report. And even when most companies say they have an online annual report, they’re merely pointing to a downloadable PDF. For CDPHP, the goal was to be more exciting and engaging than that.

A health plan covering a wide area in New York State, CDPHP decided to take its online annual report into new territory, inviting readers to explore and interact with the information.

Berlin developed a dedicated annual report site with little touches like “hotspots” that invite the user to roll over spots within photographs, revealing factoids about CDPHP and its health plans.

As CDPHP connects with its plan members, providers and administrators using the latest technology, Berlin designed the annual report site to have a tech-centric look with lots of Web 2.0 touches.