Web Development


Pragmatix’s old web site posed several challenges to the company: Its look was dated, the content was not intuitively organized, and the language did not reflect the company’s uniquely human approach to providing information technology services. Many I.T. companies overwhelm their clients with tech speak; Pragmatix, however, does not.

Berlin redesigned the site from the top down, with a clean, crisp, contemporary look. Instead of resorting to images of servers and PCs, Berlin incorporated images of people. The site also incorporates Web 2.0 technologies, such as a blog, a content management system, and social bookmarking widget.

Pragmatix also retained Berlin to review all of the content of its old site, reorganize it to be more user-friendly, and rewrite sections of the site (including the home page) to take a more human approach. The result? A site that positions Pragmatix as an unparalleled technology leader that knows how to communicate with tech geeks and neophytes alike.